How to Reset Privacy Password Realme

Maybe you forgot your Realme privacy password and want to reset it right. 

In Realme, a smartphone’s privacy password is needed when you need to login into your private safe. When you want to open any private app then you need a privacy password. What if you forget it. 

You need to reset it right then in this tutorial I am gonna teach you how to reset privacy passwords in Realme devices we can follow this method on any Realme phone. This article is the part of our: How To Realme.

Listen this to Reset Realme Privacy Password
Reset Privacy Password on Realme

Reset Privacy Password on Realme

Let’s move on to the tutorial to reset the privacy password on Realme. 

  • First of all, you need to get into your Realme phone settings and then find and select privacy and password. 
  • Enter privacy and password when you will find the privacy password option tap on it. Now enter anything there, enter any password it doesn’t matter whether it’s wrong. 
  • Now you will get an option of forgetting the password, tap on it.
  • After typing on it you will get two options 12 reset through the security question and the second is through entering your email address and verifying with email (One-Time-password verification).
  • Select an option and complete the task. Now you need to enter your new passcode and this time make sure to remember it. 

How to Reset Privacy Password realme Without Security Question

There’s no way to reset privacy pass without security question, all the video on youtube are fake.

how to reset privacy password in realme without security question

So this is how you can reset privacy passwords or reset the password on Realme phones. As he already said you can follow this method on any Android device from Realme because the UI is pretty the same. Check out this website: Realme Helper.

I hope you found this article useful. I couldn’t embed screenshots because screenshots are not allowed in the privacy passcode settings. You can check this also.

Today’s just showed you how to reset a privacy password or reset the password on the realme with an easy method. I have also embedded my voice so you will get the additional benefit of it.

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