How To Remove Bloatware From Realme

Bloatware apps are the curse for all the android users. One beautiful evening, I was using my phone and suddenly an app from background started using data.

Believe me, in a few seconds I got an alert.

You have used 90% of the data.

And I was like What just happened?”

So, to not ruin your day this article is showing you how to uninstall preinstalled apps from realme smartphones. This can be followed on any realme device.,

So, let’s install bloatware from realme.

How to remove bloatware Realme

unsintall bloatware from realme featured image

I know there are some apps which cannot be installed or removed but here’s a hack that will help you to not ruin a beautiful day.

And god knows, If you are with a special person.

Remove bloatware from realme without pc

  • Press and hold on the app icon.
  • Select the App Info,
  • Now force stop and disable the app.


Will Disabling and force stopping remove the app?

 No, it won’t but in that manner the app icon won’t be seen in the app drawer, and can only be shown after enabling it. So, dibale and firestopping are the best method to remove bloatware from realme device.s

The question you ignore the most about bloatware

Why do they install apps? 

Just take an example of google. Google previously used to give millions of dollars to smartphone brands to install their app in it. Now when we are used to it,.

 Now users demand all the google apps. Like gmail, youtube.

Don’t forget this

Moreover the manufacture install the app inbuilt because companies sponsor ti. They gave money to the pho0ne manufacturer to install these apps.

That’s the reason why phones have bloatware apps pre installed.

Today i showed you how to remove bloatware from realme or to uninstall the bloatware from realme smartphone.

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