How to Take Screenshot Realme

Here’s exactly how to take screenshots on any realme smartphone, including c, narzo and other series.This website is especially for realme phones to help their owner with the device features, functions and problems.

How to Take Screenshot on Realme smartphones

How to Take Screenshot on Realme smartphones

So, here are 6 easy ways to Take a screenshot on realme

Take Screenshot Using phone’s buttons

This is the traditional method of capturing the screenshot by pressing a combination of keys including volume and power button.

This is the easiest way to capture screenshots on Realme phones. The method also works on other Android phones.

press these buttons to take screenshot on realme
  • Press and hold the power & volume buttons simultaneously to take a screenshot on a Realme device.
  • The screenshot will be shown on Left hand side. Tap it to get more functionality to edit or share it.

Three-finger swipe and Screenshot captured

Threefinger swipe screenshot is a special gesture that can be enabled and disabled from the realme settings.

You will have to enable the three-finger swipe method in your Realme phone’s settings menu. To do this:

How to Enable 3 Finger Screenshot on Realme

  • Open Settings > Convenience Tools > Gestures and Motions. Trub on 3 Finger Screenshot.

Take Screenshot on realme with 3 Finger Gesture

Get back to the screen you wish to capture and swipe downwards using three fingers from the top of the display to take a screenshot.

Screenshot with voice assistant

Google assistant can be very helpful but…

Also it helps you to Take screenshot with just a command; I used it a few years back, but something happened then I stopped taking screenshots with Google assistant.

Activate Assistant by saying, Hey Google.

  • Finally, say, Take a screenshot.

Video Tutorial to Screenshot Realme

That’s it. Now you know how to take screenshots on a Realme smartphone. Let us know which method is your favourite in the comments below.

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