About us

Hey, it’s me Kunal Kashyap the founder of backdroid.com

This is a website for Realme especially for the tutorials and the guide for Realme. Nowadays there are a lot of updates coming on the Realme Devices and that could be the reason why users want to know about them and sometimes how to fix it, how to troubleshoot anything if Realme won’t work or any issues like this. 

So I decided to start a completely new website where My team is going to teach you some tutorial basics and how to do it or DIY. 

My motivation is just to help you and to separate things like on my main site. On that website, I generally talk about apps and their tutorial, games so I thought about shifting my old content to the subdomain.

Don’t be confused, it is just a part of my main website. Here I will always talk about Realme-related things like tutorials, updates, news, realme app downloads etc.

I hope you like this initiative and just make sure to share a website as much as you can. Even though our team has been using Realme for a long time and have fixed more than 8360 issues related to Realme, I got the stats from my previous website where I had published more than 5-6 articles related to Realme problems and their solutions.